Legislative Scholarships for Undergraduates

Legislative Scholarships

Legislative Scholarships are available every legislative district in Maryland. Current full-time or part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students in addition to students attending a private career school may also apply to your local legislators for the Sentaor and Degelate Scholarships. If your senators or delegates make their own awards, you should call or write them for further instructions.

Keep in mind that some delegates ask OSFA to make awards for them. These awards are made on the basis of need as demonstrated on the FAFSA.  If a delegate asks OSFA to make the awards, students must complete and file the FAFSA.

To find out who your local legislators are, please visit www.mdelect.net

Remember the State of Maryland deadline to apply for many of the state financial aid programs is March 1st!

We’ve given each of our grants its own page:

Delegate Scholarship

Senatorial Scholarship